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Do you want a better chance at scoring the coolest loot? Well to do that, you’ve got to cast the most powerful spells… and to do THAT you will need to nail your Battle Trivia!

Choose one of our handcrafted trivia sets or bring one of your own custom question packs into battle. Certain sets will be bundled with in game items such as armor sets. As you correctly answer questions more of the armor set pieces will unlock – so remember, when you’re in The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox, knowledge is power… quite literally!

See below for our planned question types for Early Access and stay tuned for more variations as we move forward together!

  • Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer from the choices given
  • True or False: Decide if the factual based statement is true or false
  • Ordering: Drag and drop items into the correct order
  • Labeling: Move descriptors to their correct location on the provided illustration