The player-character is the human protagonist of The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox, whose name, gender, appearance, and abilities are all customizable. Over the course of gameplay, further customization options, cosmetics, and loot can be earned to create a truly unique avatar.

With a rare, innate affinity to Gearbox's Quantum Compass, the player-character is summoned to harness its latent hidden magical powers to combat Gearbox's errant companions and creatures from distant worlds. Awaken your dormant abilities, unlock more powerful spells to wield, and conjure magical allies to join your party.

Dr. Gearbox

Orphaned at a young age, he took to Robotics with the goal of inventing an autonomous agent that could interact with its environment, run complicated intelligence system behaviours, and brew the perfect tea. Successful in this venture, Gearbox gave birth to an artificial-intelligence system he codenamed ‘Botley’. Together they travelled the globe, researching ways to better humanity through technology capable of harnessing Magical forces.

A chess enthusiast and prodigy within the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Neurobiology; Dr. Gearbox is one of Kerhonkson, New York’s most prestigious scientific minds and the designer behind Magical-Synergetic-Technology.

Retiring his walking stick for a cane, and preferring the company of his robotic creations; he now resides within his self-constructed Lab out of Kerhonkson.

Jess Gearbox

The fearless grand-daughter of Dr. Gearbox. Jessica was born with Transverse Deficiency of the upper limb, resulting from amniotic band syndrome during prenatal development. Due to her disability, and fearful for their daughter’s safety; Jessica’s overprotective parents sheltered her from participating in play or sports with other children. To escape the boundaries set at home, Jessica took to exploring nature and it’s diverse habitats in her free time; cultivating into a deep love for the environment.

Strong willed and fiercely independent, Jessica never accepted the fragility her family forced on her. She developed coordination and athleticism and set about conquering her limitations. And on her tenth birthday, Grandpa Gearbox gave her a gift; a prosthetic arm. Gearbox’s prothesis technology features an accessible touch-screen navigation panel initially designed for communication... but Jess has augmented the device to provide “top secret” capabilities. Now serving as a local tour guide around Kerhonkson, she strives to educate people on how to respect the environment and show them the wondrous secrets hidden within nature.


A complex, sentient system, configured with a higher capability of reactive and adaptive behaviors. Botley was programmed to oversee the Laboratory’s network protocols and various day-to-day operations. Adept at completing any difficult task while still finding time to crack a joke; Botley has proven to be the perfect research assistant, closest friend, and an indispensable travel companion to Dr. Gearbox as they journeyed across the globe.

Tasked with accompanying and protecting the Player, Botley is the first party member to join the team. With his advanced sensory equipment and repair protocols, Botley plays the perfect support class.

Originally a scrap heap of disassembled parts, Gearbox used the discarded hardware to construct Botley’s first shell as a submission for his fifth grade science fair project. Upgraded over time, his A.I. has been uploaded into a mechanical-mobile-unit outfitted with quad propulsion rockets. Designed to communicate via sensory data and audio output, Botley requested the installation of a monitor with an encoded personality display. The choice of face, voice, and mannerisms reflect aspects of his personality.


Diligent, relentless, and versatile; no loose wire or faulty part escapes his notice. Working with tools to fix dangerous heavy machinery, Chuck’s body is made of a thick steel-plate armor to protect and absorb damage. Outfitted with a tough, durable, All-Terrain Tire for maneuverability and grip, he is equipped to navigate all environments with ease. Although Chuck has operated with great precision in the past, potentially corrupted code has led to some minor errors in his work lately. To make matters worse, Chuck has recently wandered off and is missing from Gearbox’s Laboratory.

Fix. Repair. Upkeep. This is the programming subroutine creed that Chuck lives by. He was constructed by Gearbox and tasked to keep the Laboratory’s equipment in good repair. The robotic version of a Swiss Army Knife, Chuck performs the necessary grunt work and menial labor required for the upkeep of the facility.


An ’Eye in the Sky’ remote surveillance drone invented by Dr. Gearbox. Outfitted with automated motion detection scanners, and a high-resolution, 360° Panoramic single-optic camera; Sike’s emergency light flashes red in alert of any incoming hostile threats.

A chess enthusiast and prodigy within the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Neurobiology; Dr. Gearbox is one of Kerhonkson, New York’s most prestigious scientific minds and the designer behind Magical-Synergetic-Technology.

This model features dual propellers and a light metal shell for aerial mobility. It comes equipped with twin industrial arms paired alongside a retractable, low-voltage stunner meant to disarm enemies. Designed for speed over durability, Sike is useful for data collection, delivery missions, and as the Laboratory’s security personnel. Sike is missing from the Laboratory and presumably with Chuck.


S.I.R.’s body is resistant to heat and cold. Whether entering a burning building or burrowing under the snow from an avalanche, it is able to endure harsh conditions to perform its duty. Mounted on its back is a Gas-powered grapple-hook launcher which fires a retractible line intended to provide an escape route during evacuation procedures. A fire-extinguisher nozzle can be deployed from its mouth to combat flames. Equipped for pinpointing a subject’s location, S.I.R. is laden with Thermal Detectors to read body heat, and Acoustic Wave Sensors to detect calls for distress or human heartbeats. Built-in forensic tools identify any ground disturbances, partial prints, or residue DNA.

Originally one of Gearbox’s abandoned passion-projects, this cybernetic dog was devised to aid emergency first responders during rescue operations. Chuck stumbled across the unfinished project in a corner of the Laboratory and proceeded to assemble the dog after mistaking it for broken equipment.

A fiercely loyal companion, this dog will protect its friends during dangerous encounters. Outfitted with medical utilities and the ability to project a small energy shield; S.I.R. is valuable as a party healer or to deflect heavy damage targeting its allies.