Calling All Sketchers!


Have you ever wanted to create your own video game character? Now is your chance. We are looking for creative kids who would love to see their custom character in a video game. After getting their parents permission, kids should sketch out a critter that would fit into the Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox.

Parents, please send us an image of the sketch along with any details your budding artists have shared. What makes this creature special? Where does it live? Does it have any hidden talents?

The winner will get their character IN the game, their name in the credits, and a framed custom print that showcases the original concept, the redesigned character, and an image of the 3D model that will be in the game.

For ideas of our current characters, check out our website or our social media pages.


Instagram: @gearboxgame

Twitter: @drgearbox

Rules For Entry (Submission Deadline June 30)

*** 13 years old and younger

*** Parents Permission

*** Draw a creature that you would like to see in The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox

*** Tell us about the character! Where do they like to live? What kind of interesting features might they have?

*** Parents, submit the image, details, and your child's name and age by June 30th

*** Email us at : to submit the drawings or if you have any questions about the contest.