Feature Friday : Bash Crasher


By now, you’ve grown comfortable in your Kerhonkson armor. You’ve managed to fend off each formidable foe you’ve faced in the forest. You’ve explored Kerhonkson schoolhouse, completed all ten levels, and learned a bit about Dr. Gearbox along the way. You’re ready to leave the forest behind, leap into that portal you see glowing in the distance, and find out what’s on the other side. Right?

Not so fast! You may think you’re done with the woods, but the woods aren’t done with you. There’s someone waiting at the end of the Kerhonkson zone, and by the looks of him it’s going to take all of your skills and know-how to get past him. Meet Bash Crasher. As tall as elm and as strong as an oak, you better be ready to dodge when he swings his mighty mace in your direction. Bash is as old and mysterious as the forest he’s sworn to protect, and he is ready to defend it against any threat. Of course, we both know that you mean the forest no harm; you love nature, recycle every piece of plastic you can, and always leave it better than you found it. Unfortunately, nobody thought to tell Bash that. The way he sees it, humankind has brought nothing but trouble to the forest with all of their science and technology. So when you strolled past with your gear, and your devices, and your robot pals, Bash straightened his mask, reached for his mace, and made ready to stop you.

Will this be the end of your adventure? Or have you learned enough to make it past Bash, through the portal, and into whatever awaits you on the other side?