Feature Friday: Gearbox's Lab


Dr. Gearbox's “Homebase” is located deep in the Kerhonkson, NY backwoods that he explored as a child. If you're looking for a place to unravel the mysteries of the natural world, this is it. The Gearbox Lab is a true beacon of discovery.

The base is crowned with a large satellite dish and an antenna array, making it easily recognizable to nearby adventurers. If the crew is home the visitors might get a sneak peek on what's going on inside. One of the favorite places to visit is the observatory bubble where a guest can watch the sun rise across the painted skies.

Once inside, explorers will first hear the hum of machinery and then see the blue glow from the display monitors. A 3D globe hovers over a terminal displaying a map of the surrounding area. Tables and cabinets are filled with various tools and instruments. One of the most important devices is the Campaign Terminal which will provide adventurers with a Mission Control Center. This terminal is how Dr. Gearbox tracks and deals with issues across planet Earth. When adventurers are ready to travel, it also allow’s them to leave the safety of Dr. Gearbox's base behind and directly relocate to their chosen zone of adventure.

Elsewhere within the layout is a character customization area, extra storage space, and a team management terminal.

Be sure to check out all of the details that help bring Gearbox's Lab to life.