Feature Friday : Gyro-Stabilized Wheelchair


"We are less when we don't include everyone." ~ Stuart Milk

Since our last update, Dr. Gearbox been keeping busy. While he always has a lot to do, he has been thinking a lot about mobility and inclusion. Recently, Gearbox has invented a gyro-stabilized wheelchair. With his belief that engineering and technology can be applied to improve the daily quality of life for all people, Gearbox aims to enhance mobility for those suffering from severe injuries, neuromuscular disorders, and degenerative diseases.

Utilizing breakthrough self-balancing technology, the chair calculates the user’s center of gravity and responds to changes in motion to maintain stability. The wheels are made of a specialized synthetic rubber manufactured to amplify friction.

The result is a chair with improved grip and a compact design for easy maneuverability across difficult surfaces such as rocks, sand, inclines, and even stairs.

Our current plan is to give users the option of choosing the gyrostabilized wheelchair during the character creation process. We feel that this option fits with our goals of creating a game that focuses on diversity and inclusion. Special thanks to Chris who has been helping Greech better understand how an option like this would be best implemented. Be sure to follow Chris on Twitter at @waytoocrumbly or subscribe to his YouTube Channel.