Feature Friday: Jasper Armor


A new environment means new and exciting challenges. This especially holds true for the harsh winter landscape found in Jasper, Alberta CA. You have only two choices here: freeze... or do something about it. One of the best ways to deal with the cold is to adapt to the climate, and that is where the Jasper Armor set comes into play. It may look like a cute fuzzy bear suit, but it is far from that. This armor provides the wearer with both camouflage from predators as well as warmth and protection from the cold, wind and snow. And not to worry, no animals were harmed in its construction. The practical design leverages a special blend of Gearboxian polymer fibers that not only provide strength and durability but also provides heat. This all comes in a lightweight, weather resistant package that is optically customizable to blend into any surrounding.

When you suit up in Jasper, just remember that bears maybe cute, but along with cougars and grey wolves they are the dominant predator in the region for a reason. Their skin protects them from the elements, hides them, and allows them to hunt and not be hunted.

Stay warm and happy hunting, little bear!