Feature Friday : Mandiphyll


Welcome back to Feature Friday! Recently we've explored some of our gaming zones, and now we are going to bring it back to the critters. Meet Mandiphyll. You might remember meeting her in Eric's blog about Building Character: A Brief Look in the 3D Process.

Mandiphyll is a mischievous little creature. Her tail sways like a reed to act as camouflage in tall grass or freshwater habitats. Mandiphyll hops on the balls of her feet to nimbly navigate along the water’s surface atop water-lilies and protruding stones. She can see a spectrum of color imperceptible by the human eye. Where human eyes have a red cone, blue cone, and green cone to derive color from; Mandiphyll’s eyes contain sixteen color-receptive cones.

If you are loving the creatures of Dr. Gearbox, be on the lookout for a future contest! You may get a chance to create your own.