Feature Friday: Meet Jessica Gearbox


This week we are excited to introduce our newest character, Jessica Gearbox.

Jessica is the fearless grand-daughter of Dr. Gearbox. Although she was born without a left arm it never stopped her from exploring her surroundings at a young age. Over time Jessica cultivated a deep love for the thick Kerhonkson woods and its diverse natural habitats.

Despite the fact that her immediate family saw her as fragile, Jessica grew to be strong willed and fiercely independent. Due to her love of nature and exploration she ultimately developed heightened coordination and athleticism.

Seeing the writing on the wall, “Grandpa Gearbox” constructed a custom prosthetic arm for Jessica on her 10th birthday. His prothesis technology features an accessible touch-screen navigation panel initially designed for communication... but Jess has augmented the device to provide “top secret” capabilities.

Now serving as a local tour guide, she strives to instill respect for the environment while also providing a peak into the wondrous secrets hidden within nature itself.

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