Feature Friday : Portals


What would you do if you had a device that could instantly transport you anywhere you wanted to go? Or rather, anywhere that a well-meaning but chronically malfunctioning bot named Chuck wanted you to go….

When Dr. Gearbox unveiled the prototype for his Totally-Sensational-Teleportational-Utterly-Stationary-But-Still-Transportationary-Portal™ he told the adoring crowd that he hoped to make the great big world seem just a little bit smaller. But now that his blueprints have fallen into the hands of Chuck, Gearbox’s portals have opened the door to some great big problems.

Play the Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox to experience the wonders of instantaneous travel for yourself. Find out if there’s any limit to where Gearbox’s portals might take you. And while you’re at it, help stop the strange and dangerous creatures that have spilled into our world from the other side!