Feature Friday : Rock Goblins


What could be more relaxing than the sounds of the forest? The patter of rain on the lake; the click-clack of the acorns falling from the trees; the whir of a stone as it whizzes past your head before thudding into the tree behind you, followed by the cackle of a mob of Rock Goblins hiding behind the bushes!

It’s easy to let your guard down in a setting as idyllic as Kerhonkson’s forest, but be careful not to get too comfortable - those Rock Goblins are known for their aim. Hitting a human in the back is worth four points in Gob-Lobber; winging one in the arm as it runs for cover is worth six. So, if you’re brave enough to go searching for learning and loot with Botley and friends, be sure to lookout for these critters who’ve come to say “Hello” ... one stone throw at a time.