Feature Friday: S.I.R.


Welcome to this week's Feature Friday installment. Today we want to introduce you to S.I.R. This cybernetic dog was devised to aid emergency first responders during rescue operations. ​

Whether entering a burning building or burrowing under the snow from an avalanche, S.I.R. is able to endure harsh conditions to perform its duty. Mounted on its back is a Gas-powered grapple-hook launcher which fires a retractable line intended to provide an escape route during evacuation procedures. S.I.R. is laden with Thermal Detectors to read body heat, and Acoustic Wave Sensors to detect calls for distress or human heartbeats.

A fiercely loyal companion, this dog will protect its friends during dangerous encounters. Outfitted with medical utilities and the ability to project a small energy shield; S.I.R. is valuable as a party healer or to deflect heavy damage targeting its allies.

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