Feature Friday : Schoolhouse


Even in early childhood, young Phineas P. Gearbox was a precocious child; perhaps you know a kid like that. In those early days, before leaving Kerhonkson to attend university at 11 years old, he made some of his most important discoveries in this humble one-room schoolhouse.

This is where - on his very first day of class - he listened patiently to a lesson on circles and squares, before launching into his own lecture on advanced trigonometry. This is also where - absentmindedly doodling in the margins of his marble notebook - he came up with the first design for what would become Botley: a miraculous machine that could think, talk, and be the best friend any six year old inventor could ever hope for.

Having returned to Kerhonkson after a long and storied career of tinkering, thinkering, and technologizing, Dr. Gearbox sometimes walks past that old schoolhouse. He remembers the science fair where his early Botley concept took first prize; he remembers soldering that circuit board and how Botley glowed, and shook, and whirred into life. And he remembers that there’s something about this schoolhouse that he can’t quite remember. Something that must be important. If you ever find yourself adventuring with Botley in Kerhonkson and you stumble onto this schoolhouse in the woods, perhaps you could help Dr. Gearbox remember what has slipped his mind...