Feature Friday : Snelgrim


On second thought, maybe leaping into that strange, glowing portal wasn’t the best idea you’ve ever had. A minute ago you were in the green woodlands of Kerhonkson, helping rid Dr. Gearbox’s hometown of its final menace: Bash Crasher. Now, here you are in the windswept snow-drifts of Jasper, Alberta. Majestic to be sure with the Canadian Rockies towering in the distance, but boy is it cold.

At least there’s no…. Wait, what’s that? With the horns? A mountain goat that wandered down from Pyramid Mountain? But mountain goats don’t walk on two legs. Squinting your eyes against the gusts of a blustery blizzard you see it clearly now: a smug smirk on its hairy mug as it smooths the rounded top of the snowball in its right hand. Quick: duck!

Meet the Snelgrim. With his curling ram’s horns and matted white fur, the Snelgrim is perfectly adapted to survive Jasper’s harsh winters. Unfortunately you don’t have either of those things. What you do have are your clever robot friends and the knowledge you gained on your journey through Dr. Gearbox’s Mechanical World. And you sure are going to need it you’re going to go head to head - er, head to horn - with the Snelgrim. Wait, did he just summon another Snelgrim? Look, they’re building a snow fort now. It’s time to leap into action! Botley, let’s do this!