Feature Friday: Snelk


One downside about adventuring in the desert - besides the heat or the sand - is the snakes. You’re constantly looking towards the ground for something sleek, slender and scaly that might sneak and slither in your path. Of course, if you’re always looking at your feet, you might not notice one if it were standing right in front of you. But that’s ridiculous because there is no such thing as a … a standing snake?

And surely if there were such a thing as a standing snake, it wouldn’t have a ragged rack of rugged antlers ready to ram right into you. Only there it is - some kind of strange hybrid that is half serpent and half jackalope - getting ready to charge at you with full force.

You’re going to have to act fast - this misfit is particularly quick, and its horns are particularly sharp. But you’re sharp too! So get ready to use your brain to outwit the Snelk by sidestepping this stomping evolutionary oddity!