Friday Feature: Diplus


It had been over three weeks since the first portal was spotted back in Kerhonkson, NY. By now, Botley had estimated that there could be hundreds more, with a particularly high concentration in Mohave County, Arizona. Using patented sonar technology, Dr. Gearbox’s pioneering Underground-Wondersounder™ produced highly detailed maps of the subsurface. What he found was shocking: a sophisticated network of tunnels stretching across the desert - which he later dubbed the “Diplus Complex.” Of course, being a genius who knew many facts about many things, Dr. Gearbox knew that many creatures adapted to live underground in hot, arid climates. But these tunnels were huge - large enough for a scientist and his trusted robot companion to comfortably explore. At least in theory; they never quite made it down there.

Just as Dr. Gearbox tied the laces of his spelunker boots and mounted the lamp mod onto Botley’s attachment port, a Diplus came bursting out of a borehole that had just opened up beneath them. Tumbling to the ground, Dr. Gearbox barely had time to look up and see the strange, shovel-headed creature before it dove back down, drilling itself into solid earth.

Wiping the dirt off his pants he asked, “Did you get that my ferrous friend?” “Affirmative!” replied Botley. “Wonderful, let’s analyze the footage in the lab.” He replayed that footage many times, carefully studying it to understand any natural adaptations in case he could apply them to his own inventions. Perhaps you should study it too. After all, even if you don’t have any plans to design your own robot with a drill bit mounted on its head anytime soon, you may need to know more about the Diplus next time you’re adventuring in Mohave.