Friday Feature: Flamehawk


You spot a solitary box of matches lying abandoned on the black rock face as a small red Hawaiian woodpecker hops over to inspect them. He tap, tap, taps the matchbox with his beak, trying to get inside. Nearby, a low hum echoes off the rocks. The woodpecker turns toward it, head cocked to the side, little red mohawk bristling. It picks the matchbox up in its beak and hops toward the noise. The hum rises in intensity until the air is filled with the buzz of an electromagnetic charge and then POOF! You take cover behind a rocky crag as a blue vertical light splits the air, rotating in place, stretching, widening, lengthening until it’s nearly ten feet tall. A portal of some sort.

It reaches down to the ground where the matches and woodpecker were just a moment ago… but they’re both gone. In their place is a pack of three-foot tall matchsticks, and they’re hopping about like birds. What?! Their eyes blink curiously, mouths fixed in a frown. As they move away from the portal, taking in their new environment, one of the little matchsticks is bumped by another and almost topples over. Its eyes draw together in anger and it begins tap, tap, tapping its head off the ground in frustration. Then, in a burst of energy, it scrapes its head off the black rock and ignites into flames, replete with blazing mohawk and two little flaming hands! The other matchsticks look at it in surprise and then follow suit. Within seconds there are dozens of little flaming mohawked matchsticks hopping off into the wilds of Kalapana… and they’re still out there waiting for you to find them. But be careful about playing with fire – these Flamehawks have a temper matched only by their ferocity in battle!