Friday Feature: Mohave Armor


Mohave is where things really start to heat up. In order to be comfortable, you will need a lightweight set of armor that is designed to thrive in a location that can easily reach temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily Dr Gearbox designed the ideal armor decades ago. The only problem is the parts have been separated and scattered throughout the zone.

If you can manage to reassemble the entire set you will be greatly rewarded. A wide brimmed hat provides shade from the uncompromising sun while lightweight microfiber garments promote maximum perspiration retention that will help you keep your cool. The chest plate has a built-in electronic analytics platform that will automatically trigger an integrated coolant system during times of extreme heat. The set is rounded out by a utility belt that allows for multiple liquid containers to be attached while heavy-duty infrared googles protect the wearer’s eyes from sand and other debris.

If you make it as far as Mohave, make sure to find every piece of this relic from the past. If you don’t, you can kiss your chances of defeating Scowlin, the zone boss, goodbye.