Friday Feature: Tricerastomp


Dr. Gearbox is always fond of saying, “be careful of what you go digging up… because sometimes what you look for comes looking for you! That’s why dinosaur fossils are usually a safe endeavor.” Artifacts of past creatures are a mere shadow of life and an approximated glimpse into the past. You can be impressed or intimidated by a fossilized claw, sharp teeth, or predator build… but time has kept them all safely away from us.

But as the dry desert winds blow sand across your face, you realize just how wrong things seem. If this adventure has taught you anything, it’s that you can never make assumptions, even “all dinosaurs must be extinct.”

What started as excitement upon discovering a huge reptilian footprint has now become a cause for concern. This footprint is not fossilized, it’s fresh! And whatever made it must be close, because you can hear it growling!

This large green beast, with a huge horn and big teeth, was not found safely encased in the dirt at all. It’s not separated from you by millions of years, either. It’s a living, breathing, hungry, lizard-like creature that is standing way too close for comfort. For a second you question if you too are cold-blooded, as your blood drains away with the profound realization that this creature must have come through a portal, and there may be more!