June 27 2020 Update


Welcome back! The past two weeks have been a blur for the team but the good news is that we’ve got a lot to show for it!

A huge focus for Etch and our programmers this week has been the implementation of our User Interface (or “UI”) across almost all of the game. Here’s an early look at how things are shaping up:

The Battle Trivia UI:

Open World UI:

Squad Select UI:

We are also finishing up our player creation and customization process. Check this out!

Shifting gears, our 3D artists have been grinding away at the list of armor sets that we plan to launch Early Access with on Steam this summer. Eric Crosby completed our “First Responder set” that honors all of the front-line heroes around the world. Like all of our armor sets, the colors are completely customizable. Here are some screenshots of the final product:

Eric also managed to create the first iteration of our highly customizable “Super Hero” set. This set will feature four versions of each set piece and will also include different logos that can be placed on the chest area! Here’s a quick look at different color versions of the first Super Hero set:

In other armor set news, Caleb Embleton-Oliver finished up the “Space” set and you can see why it’s a team favorite:

Caleb also kicked off his work on our “Firefighter” set, here’s a sneak peak at some progress that was made on the helmet:

In some non-3D news, Etch spent a good portion of time perfecting the particle effects for the player’s combat abilities and he also spent many hours working on the optimization process for the environmental assets.

Elsewhere on the project we are close to completing the new flamehawkstudios.com website, started to implement the various Homebase sounds, and our writers continued to shape the backstory and lore of our world. Lastly, we started to compile all of the assets and text needed to get our Kickstarter up and running next month!

It might go without saying that we’ve been grinding so hard that most of us don’t even know what day it is – but that’s all part of the fun, right?

Thanks for checking in! See you in two weeks!