March 15 2020 Update


Another two weeks have passed and as always, we have a lot to talk about. This is a big month for us because we will be kicking off our Closed Alpha testing period. That means that for the first time, all 19 people working on the team will get to test a very small portion of the game itself. Once it passes our sniff test it goes right to our private focus group of parents and kids who have signed up to get a first look and provide input that will help shape our development choices moving forward. In the coming weeks we will keep adding features and functionality to the Alpha build until we consider it a Beta candidate. That means we will be able to let people outside the focus group test the game via Steam Beta keys! From there we will add feature on top of feature until we make it to our Early Access launch in August! Early Access is a fair size chunk of the game but it is important to remember that it is not the full feature set. That said, it’ll be a ton of fun and we are beyond excited to be headed to this major milestone! In the meantime, let’s check out what the team has been working on over the past two weeks.

In some of the most exciting news, Eric Crosby has been working on different types of prosthetic arms that players can choose to equip during the character creation process. These are modeled after what exists for people to utilize in the real world, but we have plans for Erik to work with Etch (our Creative Director) to create cybernetic upgrades to the prosthetic limbs. We think these options may be a “first” for any video game so if you know of any other game that offers this type of diversity then please let us know! Next up for Eric will be prosthetic legs so we will keep you posted on that front, but for now check out what Eric accomplished over the past two weeks!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Caleb Oliver just finished up our first set of Battle Trivia armor! This 1930’s style aviator suit will be packaged with a set of 50 aviation themed Battle Trivia questions. As the player answers more and more questions correctly during combat, they will start to unlock parts of the set. The full set will give powerful stat boosts so this one is worth your time!

Want to see more pretty pictures? Good! Etch continued his quest to see what our maximum graphical settings could look like. Check out a few pictures of Kerhonkson and Jasper to get an idea of how the game may look on its highest settings.

On the programming side we made a lot more progress with the back end and the user interface. And as we mentioned at the start of this update, we are just about done linking a good portion of the functionality together to have a playable alpha build on our hands! Hopefully next time we make an update it will be after testing has begun!

Thanks for checking in with us, see you in two weeks!