March 22nd 2020 Update


The past two weeks have been unprecedented. The world has completely changed in ways that very few people could have ever imagined. We want anyone who is reading this to know that our little team truly hopes that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these stressful times. Hopefully this update can serve as a much-needed distraction from the more serious news that we are all dealing with.

As a team that is making an eLearning game that allows parents and school administrators to enter their own curriculum, we have one major thought: we WISH this game were ready to launch right now! All of our kids are stuck at home and there are a lot of video games being played – it’s really a shame that The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox is not up and running. If this game were ready, our kids would be learning during all this excessive game time.

Despite the challenging times, we have been hard at work over the past two weeks. Here is what we have been up to since the last update:

Etch has done a first pass at choosing assets (trees, rocks, ground textures, grass, etc.) for our four zones. From there he and Greech have been creating detailed areas in each level that we call “Points of Interest” or POIs. A POI can come in different shapes and sizes. We like to use them to break up the repetitive open world areas in order to give each level something special for players to remember. Here are some examples of how the POIs are coming along:

Mohave County POI

Kalapana POI

Kerhonkson POI

Kerhonkson POI

In 3D news, Eric has been working on the Kalapana boss “Magmadon” and Caleb has been working on a “modular” bridge that players will use to cross rivers made of water or lava. The cool part about this structure is that it is made up of reusable parts that pretty much act like digital LEGOs. We can slap them together in different ways to make some really cool looking bridges! Here’s a peak from concept to final 3D models:

Over on the critter side we picked up where we left off a couple months ago with rounding out the character abilities. This means that Etch is working on the particle effects, Roger is designing the sounds, and Christian rounds out the process by providing voice work. We don’t have any video for you just yet but here is a screenshot to give you an idea of how the particles look:

On the Battle Trivia end of things Pete has been creating our first Aviation themed set of questions and answers. The content will include math, reading and stem questions and will be packaged with a wearable set of clothing that is inspired by historic 1930s style flight wear. As the player becomes more proficient in answering questions while using this module, they will unlock all the set pieces that culminate into the full set which will give certain stat boosts. The boosts themselves are still undetermined but it goes without saying that this set will be worth the effort to collect!

Last but not least our programmers have been working on the behind the scenes requirements that will allow users to see and interact with Pete’s Battle Trivia curriculum. They also made a custom water shader (this allows us to have water in the game), they are reestablishing our transition system from the open world to the battle scenes and one last pretty big item: the ability for a player to create a new account and log in!

All in all, we are still on pace for an August Early Access on Steam but quite honestly, we are doing what we can to try to move that date up. As stated earlier, we feel that the work we are doing is very relevant considering current events and we really want to give parents and kids a game that will help us all deal with these challenging times.

That’s it for this update, please stay healthy and we will see you soon!