Second One of a Kind Drawing Mailed


Etch recently finished another one of a kind drawing, this one is of Dr. Gearbox himself! He may be a little forgetful, but when called upon the good doctor still makes quite the entrance! This framed work of art was mailed last week! A huge thank you to the family who backed our Kickstarter project at this level!!

By this time the only backer items not delivered are directly related to the launch of the game itself. If you have not received your backer items please email right away. The bullet list of items below have still not been delivered, but everything else (soundtrack, t-shirts, Digital Lore PDF, etc.) should have been fulfilled. The only reason a fulfillment would not have occurred is if we are still waiting on your address or other delivery related data.

These items are directly related to the release of the game and have not been fulfilled yet:

  • Your Family's Name in the Credits
  • Game Manual PDF
  • First Look at Jasper, Mohave, and Kalapana Zones
  • Participate in Game Design Surveys
  • Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Armor Set
  • Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Gearboxian Team Skins
  • 2 Year Monthly Subscription