May 30th 2020 Update


We covered a ton of ground over the past two weeks, here we go!

Eric Crosby, Caleb Embleton-Oliver and Josh "Etch" Larson joined forces to work on an updated logo and some “hero” art that will be used to promote the game via various media outlets ahead of our upcoming Kickstarter that is scheduled to kick off in July. Here’s a sneak peek at the “box cover” render and second render that shows off some of the character customization options that will be in the game:

Eric also completed our prosthetic legs and the customizable mohawk hairstyle:

Click here to see the mohawk hairstyle in action:

Elsewhere in 3D land Caleb redid our amulet from scratch. Not only did we use this new model in our updated logo but it will be something of importance in the game itself!

Caleb also started working on our “Energy Armor” set that will be packaged with Pete Ayala’s "Energy" Battle Trivia module. Here are some super early screenshots of how things are looking:

In some Marketing news Etch and Greech worked together to generate some new in game screenshots to replace the old shots that we were using on Steam, in our Press Kit etc. Here’s a look at how a few screenshots came out (check us out on Steam to see the rest):

On the Programming side the guys worked together to put our Alpha up on Steam for the rest of the team to test internally. This means no more sending huge files back and forth. I must say, seeing the game that we’ve worked on for almost 2 years right next to the amazing titles in our Steam libraries is a very surreal milestone for us. They also did a lot of User Interface work, connected more game systems to the Alpha code branch, worked on the back end, and just about completed the new Flamehawk Studios website which should launch on or around June 6th.

Last but not least Pete completed the "Energy" Battle Trivia module and has moved on to the "Space" themed module that will be paired up with a relevant armor set. Also Chris, Max and Pete kicked off a series of meetings that are designed to help shape the overarching story and lore that will permeate the Campaign questline that we will begin building after our upcoming Early Access release.

That's all we've got for this update. Thanks for checking in, see you in two weeks!