May 1st 2020 Update


It’s that time again! Another two weeks have passed and as always, we have some fun stuff to share. As we enter the month of May there is one thing on our minds: Closed Beta. Honestly in our case it’s more like an Alpha, but this is the month that we are targeting to have a small portion of the game be playable by our internal testers as well as our focus group of kids and parents. We plan to run Alpha and Beta testing over Steam so if you are interested, let us know!

As far as the update itself, we love to kick things off with our 3D squad because there is no shortage of pictures from Eric and Caleb.

Eric continued his efforts to create various customizable hairstyles that come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of his first creations – and don’t forget, each of them come with sliders that will allow you to tweak the hair to create the perfect look (including the colors)!

While Eric was working on hairstyles, Caleb was finishing up different options for our “Starter Gear” collection. These are the clothing options that you will get to choose from when you first create your character. This picture shows off the default color scheme for each item and it also shows a RGB (Red/Green/Blue) version that will help you understand what the customizable “color zones” are on each item. One thing that this picture doesn’t clearly show is the fact that these sneakers have light up soles!

Away from 3D, Etch took a break from his Character Implementation tasks to work on one of the most exciting features in gaming: maximum environmental settings! There’s an intricate balancing act between adding layers of graphical detail while maintaining optimal system performance, but here is an idea of how things might look if the user turns the environmental detail up a little bit!

As far as actual code goes, the programming squad continued to work on the back-end architecture and front end user interface, as well as the Battle Trivia system and the turn based combat engine itself.

Over in the writer's room, Chris and Max started to frame out the Campaign game mode themes in partnership with Pete who simultaneously finished up the first free “Sample” Battle Trivia pack that will ship with Early Access on Steam.

Okay that is all we have got for this update! Thank you for checking in, and let us know if you’d like to help test when the time comes! We are targeting late this month!