November 3rd 2020 Update


Welcome back everyone!

To kick off this week’s update we are going to take a look at another armor set and some more loot! First up is our “Ranch Hand” set that Eric Crosby built for us. The set is coupled with 50 Battle Trivia questions that are themed around the American frontier. Here is a super fancy Marmoset render of the armor followed by renders from 3D Studio Max:

For those of you wondering what the corresponding Battle Trivia questions look like, here’s an example from the “Ranch Hand” set. This particular question aims to satisfy the Virginia Department of Education Science 3.5 standard: A cow eats 24 pounds of grass every day on the ranch. A cow is known as _? a) a decomposer b) a carnivore c) a herbivore d) an omnivore

In more wearable armor news, here is some loot including cutoff overalls, a monocle, and a foam hand that Caleb Embleton-Oliver recently worked on. These items are destined to end up in the general loot table. Here’s a look at what they looked like while still in 3DS Max:

Here’s both the Ranch Hand set and the loot items in the game engine itself:

Away from 3D assets, the team has been spending lots of time polishing the core game loop, further implementing the User Interface, perfecting turn-based combat abilities, and smashing bugs. Our goal at this point is to have a solid, bug free prototype of our core game loop and some other critical functions by the end of this year.

In addition, we had some fun and threw around some ideas on how a raid boss encounter could look and feel. Here’s a quick glimpse on how that mode could one day look:

That’s it for this update, see you next time!