November 21st 2020 Update


Welcome back everybody!

Today we wanted to kick off with some details around our developmental roadmap. The team is working hard to complete the prototype before 2021. That gives us about 6 weeks to get a bug free version of the core game loop together. If you’ve been tracking our progress, you know that we have done a ton of work on various aspects of the game, but now is the time to bring them all together under one single build. Some of the core features that will be playable in the prototype include the character creation and customization workflow, the “Battle Trivia” turn-based combat system, 8 playable characters (including “you”), the loot and inventory systems, the ability for an administrator to create new Battle Trivia questions and packs, and lastly the ability for an administrator to push educational content into the game in real time. We hope you are as excited for this milestone as we are!

Okay, on to the eye candy:

Eric Crosby and Caleb Embelton-Oliver can still be found pumping out more random loot items and awesome armor sets:

Here’s a look at the first renders of the “fancy” loot items including a top hat, dress shirt, bow tie, suspenders, and dress pants that Eric Crosby made:

Next up is a swashbuckling set of pirate themed armor that Caleb made. This armor will be packaged with 50 Battle Trivia questions in our “Age of Sail” pack:

Here’s a shot of all of these new items in the engine:

On the development side, the very big news is that we have begun work on the inventory and loot systems. This is a big deal because a core feature of the game revolves around increasing the probability that the player will score awesome loot if they do well in Battle Trivia situations!

Okay that’s it for this update. We will check back in soon with more behind the scenes information as it becomes available!