October 16th 2020 Update


Hey everybody, it’s that time again!

Let’s start this update by taking a look at some of the incredible work by our 3D all-stars, Eric Crosby and Caleb Embleton-Oliver.

First up is the armor set that will be connected to our construction themed battle trivia pack. After some good old-fashioned research, we provided Crosby with some existing images of real-world experimental exoskeleton suits. Eric then came up with a design that stays true to the actual technology that is already helping vehicle assembly employees augment their lifting abilities while working at auto assembly plants. Here’s a first look at our very own exosuit:

In more behind the scenes news, here’s a sneak peak at the armor set that will ship with the sports themed battle trivia pack. Again we used some real world references and Caleb Embleton-Oliver did a fantastic job not only building the color-customizable, wearable clothing set but also the backpack that has a 3d soccer ball rolling around inside of it!

Caleb also worked on tons of individual loot items over the past couple of months. This pair of flats, along with the tutu, boxing gloves, and shield style backpack are not part of any packaged armor set, but you can expect to find them in the loot tables throughout your adventure for sure.

Here’s a look at how all of the recently worked on items look in the game engine itself:

The rest of the team have been spending a lot of time working on the core game loop. Etch has recently spent an untold number of hours tweaking character abilities and camera angles for the turn-based combat engine. Our alpha build now allows us to test all of the Gearboxian critters (Chuck, S.I.R., Sike and Botley) and the Kerhonkson critters (Mandiphyll, Rock Goblin and Nado). Speaking of Nado, you can expect to see a Friday Feature soon that finally reveals them on the critters page of our website soon (https://www.flamehawkstudios.com/critters). The team has also been working on the finishing touches to set up our wearable armor sets, Kerhonkson level design, mob patrols, audio implementation, some much needed hair color fixes, lots of UI implementation, tons of bug fixes (thanks for tracking those Bozz!), and more.

Also, in not exactly "game" news we have been ironing some Kickstarter deliverables including the Behind the Scenes Art & Lore Digital PDF, Desktop Wallpaper Assortment, and our Soundtrack!

Okay that’s it for now, thanks for checking in and we will see you all in a couple weeks!