Feature Friday: Kalapana Armor


What armor set would be complete without a cape? Well, some perhaps, but not this one. Especially when it’s no ordinary cape. Kalapana, Hawaii is an alien landscape the likes of which will leave you wide-eyed and astonished. Especially after the volcanic eruption which left the surrounding area decimated with rivers of lava and volcanic ash. Combined with the proximity to the ocean that borders the Kalapana area, the altered landscape requires a very particular toolkit in order to survive. Step number one is collecting the pieces for the Kalapana Armor Set.

Replete with heat-resistant synthetic material, advanced biometrics to track body temperature and vitals, an in-suit water filtration system to stay hydrated, and a fully-sealed helmet designed by Dr. Gearbox himself which regulates airborne toxins and allows the wearer to swap between infrared, night-vision, and heat-signature vision mode. The backpack reservoir holds liquid fuel that runs the suit itself, while simultaneously powering the modified arm-mounted flamethrower. To cap it off, the cape is fire-retardant and serves to protect the wearer's back.

The fourth and final zone will be the most harrowing, and you won’t get far without the proper equipment. Threats from the environment itself are almost as dangerous as the critters that have scuttled through the portals, so you’ll need every bit of help you can get.