September 11th 2020 Update


It’s time for another update!

Before we show off some new stuff, the decision has been made to refactor some core functionality of our game. This means that the date of our Early Access launch has been pushed out. We are currently analyzing the specifics so stay tuned for a revised launch date.

Now onto the good stuff:

All hail Etch who came up with the Kickstarter Backer exclusive “Gearboxian Armor” set concept, and to Eric Crosby for bringing it to life in such amazing detail. Only about 65 of these sets will be in existence so congrats to anyone who is entitled to receive a set!

Eric also recently completed another Kickstarter pledge reward. The only person to select the “Design Your Own Game Item” asked us to create a Sunflower. We are still figuring out where to place them in the game but here is how it looks!

The team has also begun work on the digital obelisk that will feature the names of the Kickstarter Backers who selected this item. Once again Etch came up with an amazing concept and Crosby has already begun working on the 3D version. If you selected this item please check your email, we need the name you would like to use before we can finish the 3D work!

That's it for this update, see you in a couple weeks!