September 25th 2020 Update


Time is flying and we are back with another update!

Continuing our recent Kickstarter rewards theme, Eric Crosby is putting the finishing touches on the 3D version of Etch’s digital obelisk concept. The backer names are almost all finalized and the only thing missing is getting the LED screen to cycle through the backer names. Check out this quick clip of both the digital obelisk and the Kickstarter Backer Armor that Eric recently completed as well:

In other 3D happenings Caleb Embleton-Oliver and Eric Crosby have been working on dozens of loot items for over a month! We will be revealing all of the cool items over the coming weeks and months but here are a couple sentimental favorites to kick things off.

This is the fabled “chicken-hat!” Way back when Etch drew up the loot crate concept he included a chicken shaped hat popping out of the crate itself. Over time the chicken hat became a running joke – will we or wont we really make it!? Welp, looks like we have our answer! Check out the concept and the 3D version below. And just for good measure, also pictured is our “Marty McFly” style vest along with a pair of padded gloves and bear paw slippers.

In “even-more-loot” news, Eric Crosby was tasked with the delicate requirement of making “Greech’s Jacket.” This is a another great example of how our team takes real world items and turns them into something special in our digital world. Scroll down for an OLD picture of Greech wearing the jacket and Crosby’s 3D version of it:

Moving over to the programming effort, the refactoring process continues with major progress being made on the Battle Trivia engine itself. Up until now it could only be used during offense combat spells, but this latest update lets us apply the Battle Trivia workflow to the blocking of incoming spells as well. We’re also able to leverage this code to work Battle Trivia into other aspects of the game. Come across a loot crate? Answer the questions correctly and your chances of scoring even better loot will be increased!

We’ve also been spending a ton of time and effort getting all of the missing critter abilities into the game. Etch and the programming team have been working through all of our Gearboxian (Chuck, Botley, Sike and S.I.R.) and Kerhonkson (Mandiphyll, Rock Goblin and Nado) critters over the past two weeks. Each of them has a specific set of abilities and overall combat role - it’s going to be a lot of fun mixing and matching critters to create a party that best suits the individual user’s playstyle.

Finally, we now have a working prototype of the parent/teacher content creation tool that allows an administrator to add their own Battle Trivia questions and sets. Although the User Interface is not complete, the functionality itself is feeling awesome! The best part is that we can use this tool ourselves to input our own questions that will ship with the game. This is a huge timesaver for our team! We are testing it out with 5th Grade Science questions of the multiple choice and True/False variety but Ordering and Picture Labeling question types are up next!

That’s it for this update, see you next time!