Sneak Peek Sunday : Kerhonkson, NY


Welcome back! This week instead of a character, we wanted to introduce you to our version of Kerhonkson, NY.

Kerhonkson is a sleepy little town about two hours from New York City. While it is a well known hotspot for hang gliders and mountain climbers, it's also the perfect spot for someone who enjoys a picnic in the forest or a night of star gazing. In the summer, Kerhonkson comes alive with the sounds of birds and cicadas. For those who are patient and quiet enough, you may be able to see a family of deer visiting a pond or a stream.

You might be asking yourself why we are talking about Kerhonkson. This is the location that Phineas Gearbox constructed his secluded lab. The lab is in the tiny hamlet of Palentown which is located in the Catskill State Park area. This is also the location where your future adventure will begin. Your character will spend the first ten levels (still in development) exploring through the meadows or peeking under rocks in the forest.

What kind of quests can you imagine in Kerhonkson?