At Flamehawk Studios we are committed to converting rising screen-times into real-world knowledge. We want our kids to walk away from their typical gaming experiences armed with knowledge that can be deployed in everyday life. That is why we are beyond excited to announce Flamehawk has been awarded a Accredited™ Educational Experience trustmark!

This honor reflects our commitment to bringing a quality STEM experience to kids around the world through our upcoming esports capable, e-learning video game, The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox. We are especially excited to be working with due to our shared focus of diversity and inclusion.

Having support from the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America brings our company one step closer to providing STEM education to kids who may not currently have access to these important learning materials.

Congratulations to our STEM educators for working with | Educational Research to make this happen! Thanks to you both, we are on our way to realizing our dream of providing an innovative learning platform that redefines the e-learning video game genre!