Team Progress : 20- March


Curious what all these people are actually DOING? If so, here you go:

As always Greech has been coordinating the entire project and has recently had very preliminary talks with school representatives to try to line up pilot programs for when the time comes. Sadly, he's also stuck in JIRA and Powerpoint land for various reasons but he still finds the time to put together those nifty engine shots that we use for our more creative updates.

Erik has been coding this game nonstop since September. He is currently working on the Question and Answer mechanics as well as integrating Etch's UI and also integrating the customizable player character into our Amelia turn based combat engine. In Erik we trust.

Etch is spread thin to say the least. He's currently working on a new character based on art submitted by an 11-year old. He's also cooking up a sequel to the popular Etch's Sketches segment that will feature some awesome time lapse content. And he's spending a lot of time on the website and branding . And he's working with Lucas on another brand new character (and other stuff too). And... Someone needs to get poor Etch an energy drink...

Eric just completed some touch ups on the "Chuck" model that our good buddy Brock Carter modeled last fall. He's going to move on to "Sike" touch ups this week and then it's on to building one of Etch's concepts from scratch.

Dorian hit the ground running last week as he tried to figure out a content delivery system for Lucas' character dialogs. He also worked with Etch on our branding.

Lucas has been writing the character bios for the Sneak Peak Sunday series and has also been tying all the various elements of Dr. Gearbox's universe together with input from Etch and Greech.

Bill wrote us an absolutely killer theme song a few months ago and he and Greech will meet soon to kick off his next work of art.

Amy put together everything you see happening on our social media channels and in the Updates section of the website. She's primarily responsible (with a ton of effort from Etch) for our hugely successful launch last week!

John is hard at work developing our QA practices. He also inadvertently told a hilarious joke when he asked Greech for "feature / functionality scope documents." Now you know why Greech is stuck in Powerpoint land.

Liza's working on A.I. patrol points and getting up to speed on Unity 3D best practices.