Team Update: October 2019


We've been super focused on getting our playable demo up and running by the end of October. Here's a very overdue update that explains what has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months:

Greech has been working on Facebook follower acquisition (we are just shy of 1,500 followers, we only had around 250 in August!), administrative stuff like getting the books and records in line for year end, polishing the investor pitch deck, working on 4K video captures for our upcoming game trailer, and coordinating the game's Tester Focus Group. The Focus Group consists of interested parents, their kids and individual volunteers that want to get an early look at our game and help us make it an amazing experience for kids around the world. This group will be with us the rest of the way and we will work very closely with them, so if you'd like to work directly with us on this game please shoot an email over to and we will reply with more information and next steps.

Our Programmers have been implementing our overworld and battle UI systems, replacing test levels with more permanent versions, adding more playable characters and checking some other boxes for our upcoming playable demo.

Our Lead Artist Etch has been working on particle systems and ability icons for the turn based combat system. He's also been defining the animations that Eric Crosby has been creating as part of the character abilities scheduled to be rolled out with our playable demo. Oh and he has been redesigning some of the website pages because Etch literally never stops working on this game!

Our Lead 3D Artist Eric finished all of the playable characters needed to bring the Kerhonkson zone to life. From there he has been working on the ability animations that each character needs in order to participate in actual combat. As he finishes the animations they get sent over to Etch who concocts zany particle effects to go along with the animations. Then Greech records the combined animation + particle effects and sends them over to our Sound Designer Roger who comes up with sounds to round out the experience. Check out the attached video to get an idea of how all of this looks when you put it together!

Speaking of "sound" our Composer Bill completed the game's theme song, the Kerhonkson zone theme and battle songs and has moved on to the Jasper zone theme and battle songs. We have been discussing releasing the songs as an album because honestly they are just that cool!

Pete.. Wait who is Pete? There will be an announcement very soon but Pete signed an NDA and joined our team this past Friday. His role is very critical so stay tuned for that announcement!

Zic and Andrew have been working together on the Friday Features that showcase different characters and other "lore" related items. Andrew is also drafting up the overarching campaign story that will be sure to capture the spirit of adventure and excitement for all our kids!

So we have this "intern" named Spence that has been crushing requirements like a pro. He singlehandedly came up with combat abilities for every single character in the game and his ideas are what inspire a lot of what you read above. So we basically need to stop calling this kid an intern and give him some cool title and get his picture on the website already!

Last but absolutely not least we need to give shout outs to a couple freelancers that have been huge for us. Mike Braverman has been pitching in on the C# side and Woj Wisniewski created two armor sets and a character model for us. These guys rock and we are lucky to have them helping out! Oh and we're about to start working with Christian O'Boyle who will be the voice of Botley and others!!