Team Update: Welcome Chris, Andrew, and Roger


The Mechanical World Team welcomes Chris Zic, Andrew Leykem and Roger Middenway It has been full steam ahead behind the scenes of our ambitious little project and we are very happy to announce three key joiners to our game development team.

Chris Zic, Story Editor: "Chris studied literature at the University at Albany and NYU before being drawn into the orbit of professional writing. A former executive director of a non-profit organization for freelance writers, he worked as a technical writer for startups and large established companies alike. Tech writing led to software analysis, which led to software project management, and the rest is history; for the last six years, he has specialized in the EdTech sector. In his spare time, Chris has volunteered at a Brooklyn-based writing center for kids, where he created a workshop on writing science fiction and edited YA novels with sci-fi/fantasy influences, one of which was published in anthology of fiction written by young authors."

Andrew Leykem, Academic Advisor: "Andrew Leykam can often be found around books or in a library, mainly because he works at one. He is currently a tenured professor / academic librarian at the College of Staten Island, part of the City University of New York. Prior to his current role as head of access services he had a brief career as an archeologist focusing on Iceland and the north Atlantic. Ultimately Andrew left his pursuit of imitating Indiana Jones and focused instead on library science and research. When he is not tracking the globe for resources, he can be found spending time with his family, hiking, playing D&D, or trying to take rest as his three children have yet to let him sleep past 7 am for 7 years."

Roger Middenway, Sound Designer: "Roger is a sound designer from Australia. He has a MA in sound design and has worked on a wide range of projects, from indie features to audio tours. He’s now focusing on game audio, and is excited about building an aural world for Gearbox."