Team Update: Welcome Peter Ayala


The Mechanical World Team welcomes Peter Ayala! We searched for 14 months for the right person to be responsible for academic curriculum in this game. A few times we came close but no one that we spoke to clicked with our mission statement the way Pete did. His main function will be to design the 40 lessons that will comprise the campaign quests. One of the main goals of these lessons will be to position our kids to learn and retain concepts that have real world applicability. We'd love for you to provide suggestions of what YOU would like to see your kids learn! One parent suggested car maintenance, fiscal responsibility and cooking for example... very cool ideas!

Peter Ayala, Educational Curriculum: Pete is in his 7th year as a middle school educator. He is currently teaching Technology Education at Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is an English teacher by trade. He studied literature at Old Dominion University after finishing 8 years in the US Navy, as an avionics technician. In his spare time, Pete works with his charity, The Got Sole Project and serves as their Vice President. He loves traveling with his wife. He's super pumped to be a part of this team: His dream is to see his students engaged in a game that actually assesses their skills and gives them the feedback they need to improve as students and as citizens of the world.