"Homebase" is located in the Kerhonkson backwoods that Dr. Gearbox explored as a child. This Research Lab gives off a pristine metallic sheen while safety nestled within the heart of nature. It is a place to unravel the mysteries of the natural world around it and a true beacon of discovery.

The Base exterior is crowned with a large satellite dish and antenna array, making it instantly recognizable to nearby adventurers. The interior is composed of two levels and five chambers. A stairwell leads up to an observatory bubble where the Player can watch the sun rise across the painted skies.

Homebase serves as a safe zone. A place to customize the Player-Character's appearance, inventory, and party layout. It is here that the Player can tailor their own skill set in order to prepare for the upcoming adventure. There are also containers for the storage and management of items and a terminal that processes critter "Essence" and materials that will allow the party to grow stronger.

Main Lab

The interior is permeated by the hum of machinery and the blue glow of the display monitors as they perform complex calculations or flash schematics. A 3D globe hovers over a terminal displaying a map of the surrounding area. Tables are littered with instruments for measurements and analyses. Drawers and cabinets are stuffed in disarray with tools and parts of all shapes and sizes. Books lay scattered on shelves, opened to a page yet seemingly abandoned.

Materials Analyzer

The Materials Analyzer was created by Dr. Gearbox to help him catalog life's great mysteries. This device provides a multitude of scanning methods and computational algorithms to assist the user in their lab work. This device serves as Dr. Gearbox's main lab terminal.

Campaign Terminal

The Campaign Terminal was created by Dr. Gearbox to serve as a Mission Control Center. This device has been pivotal in Dr. Gearbox's ability to track and deal with issues across the planet. A precisely positioned satellite network powers the terminal's functionality, allowing for pinpoint , close-up visualizations of the farthest reaches of the globe.

Players will utilize this terminal as central hub that can connect them to every zone and level in the game. It will allow them to travel from the safety of Dr. Gearbox's base, to their chosen zone of adventure.

Team Select Room

From a decoration standpoint, the Team Select Room is looks all but empty… but don’t be fooled. This is the room where players can go to unlock new critters, level them up and build the most powerful teams.

Storage Chest

Found on one of Dr. Gearbox's many adventures, this storage chest is a repurposed "Loot Box." Normally found randomly throughout the world and packed with all kinds of random wonders, this chest also serves as an expandable storage device for the player.

Team Terminal

One of the newest devices in Dr. Gearbox's Lab, the Team Terminal was designed specifically to deal with the recent appearance of critters across the lands.

Players will use this terminal for all of their customization & upgrade needs. This terminal will provide a central location for the upgrading and management of their team. Players will be able to level up and set skills for their character and critters, as well as set equipment and partying squads.

Player Base

Once Dr. Gearbox's personal space, this section of the lab has been generously opened by Dr. Gearbox as a base of operations for the player. Although currently displaying a touch of Dr. Gearbox's personal design quirks, he may be open to a re-design with a little convincing…


The portals are a unique creation of Dr. Gearbox. They were originally designed to help move objects from one place to another in an attempt to reduce the negative environmental impact of fuel based transport. The original idea was to enable farmers to ship fresh produce straight from the farm to the grocery store.

However, as the good doctor continued to experiment he kept noticing abnormalities in functionality including inexplicably receiving packages from unknown origins. As he explored these irregularities he concluded that this technology could potentially be dangerous, especially if used by people to transport themselves. Unsure if he should continue his research, Dr. Gearbox deconstructed the prototype portals and let the schematics collect dust on the lab shelf long ago.

Now those schematics are missing and in the hands of the recently departed Chuck. He soon realized that the abnormalities were actually the portal trying to connect to locations, places and times not currently on earth. Chuck’s first instinct was to make contact with the other side of his newly constructed portal to potentially satisfy his long dormant prime directive: “to help humankind.”

He began to activate the portal but never paused to think of the consequences as Gearbox once did. WIthin seconds creatures from unknown origin arrived on earth in alarming numbers. Chuck attempted to shut down the portal but the damage was done. His many replications began to create portals across Kerhonkson, Jasper, Mohave and Kalapana making it impossible to slow the flood of offworlders.


If there is one thing we learn from our school books, it’s that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Looking at the Kerhonkson schoolhouse - four simple walls standing quietly in the majestic forest - it would be easy to overlook its significance. But this plain, box-like structure contains decades of history and even some secrets. And who knows? Perhaps there are lessons connected to the future tucked away in there too.

A familiar sight in small towns across the country, the traditional one-room schoolhouse harkens back to a simpler time. It stands as a reminder of how much our approach to learning has changed through the generations. Before children were arranged into grades based on their age, children of different ages learned together - and learned from each other - in small community schoolhouses like this one.

Before he was Dr. Gearbox, young Phineas P. Gearbox started his education in this very building. This is where a hunger for knowledge swelled within him; where he studied math and science. This is where a thirst for adventure first welled up within him; where he stared out the window and daydreamed. So many of his later achievements can trace their origins back to this schoolhouse. According to many of the classmates who know him then, there may be some part of him that never really left.