Michael Grieci

Executive Producer

New Jersey, USA

'Greech' is a jack of all trades with the uncanny knack of constructing talented teams that can accomplish great things. He's also a killer NHL esports goalie and super cool dad (or so he thinks).

Josh Larson

Creative Director

California, USA

Fueled by energy drinks and Thai food, Josh resides in a world that straddles the very lines between fiction and reality. Daily is his struggle to reign in his wild imagination and harness it for the good of the project. He also draws and designs stuff.

Peter Ayala

Academic Advisor

Virginia, USA

Pete is in his 7th year as a middle school educator. He is currently teaching Technology Education at Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is an English teacher by trade. He studied literature at Old Dominion University after finishing 8 years in the US Navy, as an avionics technician. In his spare time, Pete works with his charity, The Got Sole Project and serves as their Vice President. He loves traveling with his wife. He's super pumped to be a part of this team: His dream is to see his students engaged in a game that actually assesses their skills and gives them the feedback they need to improve as students and as citizens of the world.

Kathryn Grieci

Educational Content Creator

New York, USA

Kathryn graduated from Wagner College with a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology and a M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Education. She is a New York State certified teacher in Early Childhood, Childhood, and Special Education. Outside of the classroom, Kathryn loves to spend time with her friends and family, eat delicious food, and live her life to the fullest!

Eric Crosby

Lead 3D Artist

Ontario, CA

Eric is a 3D Artist & Animator. He has studied Video Game Design & Development, and has worked passionately on several small game projects. He has a keen eye for detail and and a love for the craft.

Caleb Embelton-Oliver

3D Artist

Ontario, CA

Caleb is a 3D Artist from small town Canada and studied Game Design & Development at Fanshawe College. He's been playing games since he was big enough to hold a controller, and is excited to help teach the next generation of gamers

Chris Zic

Story Editor

New York, USA

Chris studied literature at the University at Albany and NYU before being drawn into the orbit of professional writing. A former executive director of a non-profit organization for freelance writers, he worked as a technical writer for startups and large established companies alike. Tech writing led to software analysis, which led to software project management, and the rest is history; for the last six years, he has specialized in the EdTech sector. In his spare time, Chris has volunteered at a Brooklyn-based writing center for kids, where he created a workshop on writing science fiction and edited YA novels with sci-fi/fantasy influences, one of which was published in anthology of fiction written by young authors.

Max Giacomelli

Lead Writer

California, USA

Max writes stuff for a living. He wrote his first TV pilot while living in China which was picked up by a local network, before spending a few years at a Toronto, Canada based production company, managing factual and scripted development for TV and film projects. After graduating from the American Film Institute Conservatory’s MFA Screenwriting program, he joined Flamehawk Studios to help create the narrative and build the world for The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox. He’s also an avid gamer with a particular love for online fantasy RPG’s like Ultima Online, WoW, Diablo, Elder Scrolls and Divinity.

Bill Bressler


New Jersey, USA

Bill is a Composer, Sound Designer, Emmy Award winning Audio Engineer and has over 20 years of seasoned expertise. 'Having the opportunity to work with the Gearbox team offers me sky’s the limit creative freedom and it’s a real privilege!'

Christian O’Boyle

Voice Actor

Washington, USA

A crisp, ear catching voice over can make or break a project. The moment our audience hears a narration, a character talk, or an ensnaring creature they are either immersed in what is happening or they lose interest. Christian's goal is to ensure that the player is captivated the moment the project begins. Being both a voice actor and casting director, his goal is to find the right voice to fit each role.

Roger Middenway

Sound Designer

Paris, FR

Roger is a sound designer from Australia. He has a MA in sound design and has worked on a wide range of projects, from indie features to audio tours. He’s now focusing on game audio, and is excited about building an aural world for The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox™.

Mike Bossinger

Quality Assurance

Florida, USA

Bozz is an avid gamer going back to the Atari days. Married to an educator, he recognizes massive potential of mixing these worlds and getting children excited about learning. "School bored me. All day I would think about getting home to play Final Fantasy. If I could have fought raid bosses for my homework, I'd have been hooked!" He has two grade school boys who try their hardest to beat him at video games; maybe in another 30 years. Maybe.